Now this was a trip with a difference, my 20th wedding anniversary (yes it’s seems like a lifetime) was round the corner and I was tempted to take a trip without business attached,a perfect holiday.It was much easier convincing my husband to come along on my adventurous trips now, than the earlier days when the ideas will spontaneously spring up and I’m suggesting we take off and just explore! Besides I had to promise not to even think about straying to any flea market or place of creative interest!, this was a HOLIDAY and I was ready to make it one,so off to ABU DHABI we went and at the Viceroy we stayed….,, an experience to be remembered and hopefully repeated.

The Formula One race track runs right in front of this iconic hotel on Yas Island, with yachts across on the bay overlooking our hotel room. The peaceful and panoramic scene was serene and soothing and I was so glad to be away and here.

I have been to nearby Dubai several times,my first visit about seventeen years ago when it was sparsely populated and the roads were largely free and without the crowd, now there is a difference, the whole world goes to and is in Dubai-resorts, hotels, malls, parks, recreation facilities, you name it…….. . The City is agog and the commercial buzz loud and clear!

Anyway,back to the soothing Abu Dhabi experience. This was quiet and to be enjoyed,the serenity, ambiance and peaceful situation was an experience to appreciate and cherish,this was the life.

So, peaceful strolls in the evening savouring different areas of the hotel,window shopping at the IKEA shop on the Island and just chilling in the morning watching and waiting for the sun to set………….., was worth the while, this was the chosen way to remember the two decades of love and companionship, this was good!

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