It’s all about travel, adventure and creativity.

Welcome to my world of adventure, creativity and travel : A kaleidoscope of my daring leaps to creative discovery and unleashing the artistic genius. My horizon of ideas, innovation and artistic perception.

Truth is, I never had the opportunity early in life to explore, my travel experiences started in my 20’s with a repeated bang though! People and places have always been my fascination,the diversity of cultures intriguing me, so any opportunity to hop on a flight to some distant country or location was seized.

I had always wanted to travel the world, daydreaming from an early age of distant lands, actually fantasizing getting married to a white man and living happily ever after in “Oyibo”(White man in the local parlance) land, somewhat that dream has come through considering I settled down with a Nigerian man with a quintessential British nature: polite, courteous, cool, calm and collected!

My blog is an ongoing journey of sights and sounds, types, similarities and diversities, it is about cracking the codes of every new city visited. Lifelong friendships made across cultures are such life treasures, from Nairobi to Manila, bonds of love in building my global family. The world is indeed my village,thank God for such an awesome privilege.

So Welcome! And I hope as we interact,you will be infected even if just a little, with the travel bug that bit me very early.

Maureen Obaweya

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