Truth be told,I was getting restless and bored with the African circuit, my world needed to expand ………Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Cotonou, Togo been there and done that for a while, so I began to consider other options,on a trip to South Africa in a home store that I regularly visit because of their exquisite pieces that absolutely trigger off spiraling artistic ideas I stumbled on a beautiful set of placemats that had made in India and I thought,that is my next destination! I did a google search, asked a few questions and daringly appeared in Mumbai, the rest is history, I have been back there almost a dozen times with my latest visit three weeks ago. I am writing a lot about Incredible India and not in one day so look out. For starters, I see India as a culture pot of creativity, every trip is a journey of discoveries, from Mumbai to Coimbatore, Hyderabad to Delhi, Chennai to Nagpur it seemed as if I had just scratched the surface.

With such a large population ( 1.2 Billion People) and different cultures and diverse art, it’s difficult for one with a creative mindset to be bored. Colour is a prominent feature in Indian art with vibrant hues and lively colours all put together on a single format, colours of the rainbow igniting passion, the use of colour in attire, jewelry, accessories was not subtle at all, it was vibrant, so I thought, this exploration will last a lifetime, I’m there every year people!

My favourite place is Colaba in Mumbai which is a visitors haven with plenty of activity and colour,the streets an almost unending strip of shops,cafes,restaurants,fruit and vegetable stalls. This area is packed with tourists from all over the world and if you are looking for quiet and serenity this is not the place to be, bustling with activity and human traffic, vendors who to say the least wear you out marketing their wares from leather jackets to human hair slow down your movement through the street otherwise known as Colaba causeway. There is always something new to see.Being Close to the gateway of India which is a tourist site, increases the tourist attraction to the area, and makes it the more interesting………… Incredible India!

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