Dear Morin.O Designs Friends and Family,

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated the blog. We’ve been busy updating our website and making other exciting improvements, and in the midst of it all, the world has changed tremendously- if only temporarily. Of course I’m referring to the novel coronavirus which has impacted virtually the entire planet in some way or another. And as I write this,there has been an ease of restrictions with the careful knowledge of the”new normal” and a need to continue to proceed with caution.

However, as strange and concerning these days may be, there is thankfully so much to be grateful for, including these amazing people and organizations…

1) I would like to laud the tremendous collaborative efforts of the private sector Coalition Against COVID-19(CA-COVID) who made relief donations and built isolation centres across several states in Nigeria

2) Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, Director General of The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), and his team who have done an amazing job of staying on top of the local situation.

3) Professor Emmanuel Akinola Abayomi, Honourable Commissioner for Health in Lagos state a well-seasoned professional with an admirable pedigree. He is at the epicentre of the virus in Nigeria. He has clearly set a standard as a pacesetter deploying everything possible to contain the pandemic.

My hopes and prayers go out to the world. Locally here in Nigeria as well as elsewhere, we hope the public will be adequately sensitive to the potential ramifications of this pandemic to be compliant to government measures. Compliance will help us all curb this disaster to decrease the number of sick individuals (at home or in the hospital), loss of life, the stressors associated with the pandemic and economic consequences. While the following issues are devastating anywhere, they can create a monumental disaster in a developing nation like Nigeria.

Finally, as we share new blog content with you soon, new website updates and new collection styles, we’d like to put things in perspective. Handbag shopping may not be “essential” at a time like this- however, as always, every Morin.O Designs purchase supports everyone in our fair trade organization while supporting the businesses of our valued suppliers. It’s a ripple effect benefitting several communities at a time.

We hope you’ll feel good when you shop for your new favourite leather accessories, made with love. Wear them to shop for essential goods or to take those safe, socially-distant strolls around your neighbourhood. Or simply shop the pieces you know you’ll want to have by your side whenever the time comes to travel safely again. You’ll help incredible, emerging communities in Nigeria while immersing yourself in adventure-filled, post-coronavirus dreams.

Comfort and inspiration have always been a part of beauty, and today, that means even more than ever.

Well wishes,
– – –
Morin Obaweya
Morin.O Designs

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