As a women-owned, women-led brand, we pay special attention to making a positive impact on the lives of girls and women. Morin.O Designs is also centered around the concepts of traditional craftsmanship and community. When we started thinking about all three of these pillars at the same time, a new concept was born… bag-making training programs for women!

We are thrilled to help local women empower themselves with hirable skills to use now and into the future. We’ll start with training 50 young adults this year (75% female) and 100 young adults (75% female) in 2021, possibly to be continued with a group of 100 every year in the years following 2021.

Every participant will take part in our training program to learn the ins and outs of bag making- the Morin.O way, including traditional techniques, how to work with specific materials and fabrics and the high standard of excellence we uphold at our brand. With a training program like this, everyone wins- even Nigeria. Such a large program will assist in refocusing what it means for a fine product to hail from Nigeria in the eyes of shoppers across the country, all over Africa and around the world. The long-term global relevance of Nigeria craftsmanship relies on ensuring our artisanal techniques and knowledge continue to spread over the generations.

Not only can these skills help participants get jobs, it will also be the impetus for some of them to launch leather goods brands of their own or other crafts. We’re so excited to see what kind of creativity and inspiration emerges from extending this knowledge to the youth of Nigeria.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

If you would like to get involved or you know someone who would like to participate, send us a message.

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