Abu Dhabi – My wedding anniversary experience.


Now this was a trip with a difference, my 20th wedding anniversary (yes it’s seems like a lifetime) was round the corner and I was tempted to take a trip without business attached,a perfect holiday.It was much easier convincing my husband to come along on my adventurous trips now, than the earlier days when the ideas will spontaneously spring up and I’m suggesting we take off and just explore! Besides I had to promise not to even think about straying to any flea market or place of creative interest!, this was a HOLIDAY and I was ready to make it one,so off to ABU DHABI we went and at the Viceroy we stayed….,, an experience to be remembered and hopefully repeated.

The Formula One race track runs right in front of this iconic hotel on Yas Island, with yachts across on the bay overlooking our hotel room. The peaceful and panoramic scene was serene and soothing and I was so glad to be away and here.

I have been to nearby Dubai several times,my first visit about seventeen years ago when it was sparsely populated and the roads were largely free and without the crowd, now there is a difference, the whole world goes to and is in Dubai-resorts, hotels, malls, parks, recreation facilities, you name it…….. . The City is agog and the commercial buzz loud and clear!

Anyway,back to the soothing Abu Dhabi experience. This was quiet and to be enjoyed,the serenity, ambiance and peaceful situation was an experience to appreciate and cherish,this was the life.

So, peaceful strolls in the evening savouring different areas of the hotel,window shopping at the IKEA shop on the Island and just chilling in the morning watching and waiting for the sun to set………….., was worth the while, this was the chosen way to remember the two decades of love and companionship, this was good!

Mumbai – My gateway to Asia


Truth be told,I was getting restless and bored with the African circuit, my world needed to expand ………Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Cotonou, Togo been there and done that for a while, so I began to consider other options,on a trip to South Africa in a home store that I regularly visit because of their exquisite pieces that absolutely trigger off spiraling artistic ideas I stumbled on a beautiful set of placemats that had made in India and I thought,that is my next destination! I did a google search, asked a few questions and daringly appeared in Mumbai, the rest is history, I have been back there almost a dozen times with my latest visit three weeks ago. I am writing a lot about Incredible India and not in one day so look out. For starters, I see India as a culture pot of creativity, every trip is a journey of discoveries, from Mumbai to Coimbatore, Hyderabad to Delhi, Chennai to Nagpur it seemed as if I had just scratched the surface.

With such a large population ( 1.2 Billion People) and different cultures and diverse art, it’s difficult for one with a creative mindset to be bored. Colour is a prominent feature in Indian art with vibrant hues and lively colours all put together on a single format, colours of the rainbow igniting passion, the use of colour in attire, jewelry, accessories was not subtle at all, it was vibrant, so I thought, this exploration will last a lifetime, I’m there every year people!

My favourite place is Colaba in Mumbai which is a visitors haven with plenty of activity and colour,the streets an almost unending strip of shops,cafes,restaurants,fruit and vegetable stalls. This area is packed with tourists from all over the world and if you are looking for quiet and serenity this is not the place to be, bustling with activity and human traffic, vendors who to say the least wear you out marketing their wares from leather jackets to human hair slow down your movement through the street otherwise known as Colaba causeway. There is always something new to see.Being Close to the gateway of India which is a tourist site, increases the tourist attraction to the area, and makes it the more interesting………… Incredible India!

Nairobi – the place of cool waters


I stumbled on Kenya……., truth be told, it was not on my travel radar. I had just recently acquired my passport waiting for an opportunity-any opportunity to travel out of the shores of Nigeria when a friend came up to me and asked if I had a current passport. He had a scheduled trip to Nairobi and could not make it, wondered if I could represent him, off course I said yes and the rest is history.

The journey from the airport was interesting and like the name means, it was indeed the place of cool waters…., I somehow thought of the Masai as my long distant Fulani cousins(My Maternal Grandmother is Hausa Fulani).

I cherish Kenya, it is my most traveled country. Art and creative enterprise kept me going back for more, always something new to see and learn from, an idea for a book cover, photo frame, wall hanging – the list is endless. I could spend hours circling the flea markets, with each round giving an opportunity for a fresh thought or idea, this was home!

There are a thousand places to visit, the sights and sounds of wildlife either on the drive from the airport where you could catch a glimpse of giraffes and zebras at the national park or at a full blown safari where you actually are as close to wilder beasts, rhinos, antelopes, gazelles, elephants and more.

Refreshing as the name implies, Nairobi” comes from the “Maasai phrase Enkare Nyrobi, which translates to “cold water” or the place of cool waters…. the phrase is also the Maasai name of the Nairobi river, Also known as the “Green City in the Sun” it is surrounded by several suburbs.

Would be talking lots about Kenya in subsequent blogs so look out!

Asante Sana.

Welcome To My Blog

It’s all about travel, adventure and creativity.

Welcome to my world of adventure, creativity and travel : A kaleidoscope of my daring leaps to creative discovery and unleashing the artistic genius. My horizon of ideas, innovation and artistic perception.

Truth is, I never had the opportunity early in life to explore, my travel experiences started in my 20’s with a repeated bang though! People and places have always been my fascination,the diversity of cultures intriguing me, so any opportunity to hop on a flight to some distant country or location was seized.

I had always wanted to travel the world, daydreaming from an early age of distant lands, actually fantasizing getting married to a white man and living happily ever after in “Oyibo”(White man in the local parlance) land, somewhat that dream has come through considering I settled down with a Nigerian man with a quintessential British nature: polite, courteous, cool, calm and collected!

My blog is an ongoing journey of sights and sounds, types, similarities and diversities, it is about cracking the codes of every new city visited. Lifelong friendships made across cultures are such life treasures, from Nairobi to Manila, bonds of love in building my global family. The world is indeed my village,thank God for such an awesome privilege.

So Welcome! And I hope as we interact,you will be infected even if just a little, with the travel bug that bit me very early.

Maureen Obaweya